in the future

And these are things that I'm hoping to do soon, but everything takes time. For now you can just imagine them.


In many ways this is partly the reason the website was first created

I want it to host an opera

First of all I need to get some funding so that I can collaborate with other people

I think that there could be a whole offshoot of the website which is like a weird sprawling non-linear window into a world of music and film and sounds and words and just so much stuff.

And I want to make that and I want it to be wonderful.

(Side note, opera is cool)

(another side note - keep an eye out for more information on this and contact me if you are interested)

Twitter bot

Build a twitter bot which can tweet messages from website users directly to twitter

Why? Because twitter is great and interactivity is great, and it would be a neat way of closing the loop because I expect a lot of people who view my website will have come from twitter.

Real life events?

Not strictly a part of the website but I want to host some real life events eventually which involve real people and talking and joy and creating and which can link to the website somehow


Watch the video for more info