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I thought I'd direct you to the work which I think has the most of me in it... that might be a good place to start...

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Sync outside the Box - Video (2020)

The frame accounts for everything. That fine line around the edge of the picture: a digital horizon dividing what is seen from what is not. The edges are the walls between us | the thousands of miles that separate—but then annex us temporarily in a video call. They are vast distances, but a handful of pixels. Containing everything and nothing.

This piece is not complicated—it is inspired by our rectangular frames…
by zoom conversations and multitracked performances
by a child’s drawing of a window—and the logo of Windows 8;
by the ending of Love Actually and the split-screen scene of Mean Girls;
by computers and shoeboxes and the tables in the RNCM refectory.
by a single jumbled face on a Rubiks cube—

…it is about the presentation of performance, and it raises the question:
Is one person who is filmed from 4 different angles really one person?

And mother said "Darling you must remember to name that pet fish before it dies" and the child did as it was told - Orchestra, c.10' (2019)

(audio sample of piece)

"When I was young, I remember once coming home from school, perhaps on a Tuesday, or Wednesday, and after I'd had tea and probably begrudgingly done some spelling homework (look, cover, write, check), after that I remember walking into the lounge, where the TV was quietly unattended, accidentally left switched on. I was momentarily transfixed by the screen and watched for a short while.

I couldn't tell you what the program was called, or even what it was about, and thinking back on it the colouring of the video and the costumes seemed completely at odds with the dated vocabulary and set. For one reason or another, the whole incident has stayed with me. The most tangible thing that I can remember about it was one line (which appears in the title of this piece), but which seemed to have neither exposition nor any connection with anything else happening in the shot.

After a few seconds I left the room, or the telly was switched off, and never found out any more. So the rest of the story is up to us now."

On Water - Saxophone duet and video (2021)

There is a lot that I could say about this piece but it might be better left in your imagination.

Performed by the Idesta Duo

The Lost Supper - Text score for 8 or more people in an imaginary restaurant (2020)

"Not only are we passionate about food, but we are passionate about your experience of our food. We hope that our guests will have the best possible time here, and if you have any concerns about this or you seem to be having a less-than-perfect time, you will be kindly asked to leave..."

In a way this piece is not located in the sounds and actions that are communicated to the audience, but in the physical menu which only the performers see. The act of performing the piece is merely a strategy for communicating the physical score, which could even be considered a piece of concrete poetry and not performed at all.

Sole - Chamber Opera (2019)

Trapped in a bizarre world under the surreal glare of the Face. Why are we here? And how do we get out?

Composer: Fraz Ireland
Librettist: Gareth Mattey
Musical Director: Otis Enokido-Lineham
Director: Morgan Richards

Presented by Manchester Youth Chamber Opera.
Performed September 2019 at the Dancehouse Theatre, Manchester.

Some of the Above is not true (or, 'You have been lied to, Version 4 in F major') - small ensemble and 2 videos (2019)

The idea behind this opera came to me whilst on an aeroplane in Easter when I was travelling home from a short trip to Canada. I wanted to combine two of my oldest loves – music, and external staircases on large buildings. In the end due to weather restrictions and health and safety regulations I ended up having to cut the music part out of the piece, so ended up just walking up some stairs. Whilst walking up the stairs I thought to myself, perhaps I should write a short opera. I wrote the text for this piece in about an hour last Sunday afternoon when I was visiting my brother and had just remembered that I was meant to be writing a piece. I had a lovely view of the city and an inquisitive sparrow hopped around just outside the window. The characters in the opera are loosely based around some people I knew when I was growing up – a cat owner and amateur painter who used to live next door to my family and brought us homemade bread without fail every year on the 4th of November until she moved to Belgium; a lifeguard who worked in the swimming pool on the opposite side of town from the house in which I spent my 7th and 8th years; and the inquisitive pet rabbit I had when I was 12 who we acquired from a disgraced magician and whose name was really Rousseau but we all called him Colin. The piece is in 3 sections – it begins with a meeting between two retired scientists. There is then an aria sung from the point of view of one of the character’s pet fish, and it rounds off with the discovery of a letter.

Please enjoy. Some of the above is not true.

This video includes both the main video that is projected up during performance and the smaller video which audience members access on their phones

Elegy After Rousseau (Video Piece)

This was created in 2019 in collaboration with Angela Roussel, who wrote the text for the work.


Fraz Ireland is one of the most contemporary composers around today. They are based in Manchester. Fraz’s work often incorporates text and video elements and can sometimes be found lurking in the corridors between liminal spaces. Fraz spent the majority of the later part of 2020 touring their semi-imaginary solo show “hello again, it’s me, Fraz” to all the major theatres and concert halls of Europe and the USA, receiving immediate critical acclaim, viral recognition, and several awards.

list of works (i sure hope it does)

This section contains bits of things that I have made and written over the past few years. No categorisation is perfect but it is probably more useful for this to divide them by ensemble size.

Contact me for scores and for recordings where these are unavailable here (some recordings are secret).

Stuff that seeps between the liminal spaces that I was talking about earlier

(Things that don't really fit into the other categories that I've got below)

Video pieces

  • Lockdown Boogie Club Remix 2 (2021)
    composed for the Unheard Hybrid Orchestra, [3']

  • How I met Angela (part 1)(2021)
    [1'] first part of a short series introducing my collaborations with Angela Roussel

  • Zombieri (2020)
    Advert for a fictional video game where Salieri returns as a zombie...

  • Adventure Through Mother Earth's Sewing Box (2018)
    digital opera [12']
    composed in collaboration with the Manchester Contemporary Youth Opera

  • Sync - Outside the Box (2020)
    [10'] Composed for PRiSM's 'Future Music' Festival

  • Elegy after Rousseau(2019)

  • Who Would Win?(2017)

Bitesize (solos and duos)

  • Because there are lines between us(2021)
    Tuba solo [6']
    Composed for Micah Scott

  • Puppet (2021)
    Percussion solo (for assorted household objects) [8']

  • Withhold (2021)
    Trombone solo [10']

  • On Water (2021)
    Soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, and video [6']

  • COCKROACH! (2020)
    Solo voice [4']

  • If you want to be employable (2019)
    Tambourine solo [3']

  • I, Tardigrade (2019)
    Voice (bass), piano [3']
    Composed for the leeds Lieder Festival
    Text by Moira Garland

  • Surefire Ways Violin Will Drive Your Business into the Ground (2018)
    2 violins and tape [5']

  • The Death of Violin and How To Avoid it (2018)
    solo Violin with tape [4']

  • Towards an Unknown Destination (2018)
    Solo Cello [6']

A handful (smallish ensembles)

  • ... and we would have taken the same route had it not been for the storm last night (2019)
    String quartet [5']
    Premiere Manchester Cathedral, by the Eskandari quartet

  • Beggars can't be choosers: a five-minute Guitar Trio in 3 acts (2019)
    Guitar Trio [5']
    Composed for the Zamorra trio

  • Find Out How I Cured My STRING QUARTET (doctors hate me) (2019)
    String quartet and tape [6']
    Premiere RNCM Chamber Music Festival, by the Rowan String quartet

  • Headlines Games (2019)
    solo voice (tenor/soprano), violin, glockenspiel [6']

  • Why Americans Don't Use Electric Kettles (2018)
    Bassoon, French Horn, Viola [5']
    Workshopped by members of the London Sinfonietta

  • Puzzled (2017)
    Wind Quintet [10']
    Commissioned by the RPS / Duet group
    Premiered by Cavendish Winds at Wigmore Hall

  • An Alternative Fanfare (2017)
    flt, clt, tpt, tbn, perc, vln, vla, vc. [4']

  • The Ninth Planet (2016)
    String quartet + vln, vla, vc, db [6']
    Premiered by members of NYOGB at Britten Studio, Snape Maltings

More people than would fit in a small minibus (bigger ensembles)

  • The Lost Supper(2020)
    Text score for 8 or more people in an imaginary restaurant [c.10']

  • Sole (2019)
    Chamber Opera [12']
    Soprano, Mezzo Soprano, Tenor, Tenor (small role), Trumpet, Viola, Accordion, video, tape.
    Composed for the Manchester Contemporary Youth Opera
    Text by Gareth Mattey

  • The Two-Sided Boy (2016)
    Chamber Opera [15']
    Commissioned by Second Movement for Rough for Opera #14
    Premiered at the Cockpit theatre

  • the Passing of Time (2017)
    medium sized flexible ensemble and multiple metronomes
    [3'-10' (or longer)]
    Premiered by Discord/Datcord at the Royal Albert Hall

  • Dichotomy (2017)
    [3'-10' (or longer)]
    Premiered by Discord/Datcord at Birmingham Town Hall

Specifically Orchestral

  • Three Men Discuss Beethoven's 4th Symphony (2020) timps strings [8']
    Premiere June 2021, RNCM Chamber Orchestra.

  • ... and mother said to the child 'Darling, you must remember to name that pet fish before it dies', and the child did as it was told (2019) alt.sax 4perc strings [9']

  • MIKE (2018) timps 3perc strings [9']

  • Serpents of the Dean: More afraid of you than you are of them (2018) 4.2 3.1 3perc strings [3']
    Commissioned by the Royal Forest of Dean Orchestra, premiered in The Forest Theatre, Coleford (16/06/2018)

  • Ancient Grudge to New Mutiny (2016)
    ( 1.3 2perc strings) [12']
    Premiered Birmingham Symphony Hall by the Gloucestershire Youth Orchestra.


  • Evacuation /ɪˌvakjʊˈeɪʃ(ə)n/ (2020)
    SSAATTBB [5']
    Composed for a workshop with the BBC Singers

  • If we shadows (2018)
    SSAATTBB [3']

  • Nothing is so Beautiful (2017)
    SATB + Organ [3']
    Commissioned by the Cheltenham Bach Choir, Premiered at Cheltenham Christ Church

  • Songs of Joy (2017)
    SATB + clt, tpt, horn, strings [10']
    Commissioned by the Cheltenham Philomusica, Premiered at Tewkesbury Abbey

  • Song for Croome (2016)
    SATB [4']
    Commissioned by the National Trust, Premiered by the Oriel Singers at Croome Court

  • Hodie (2015)
    SATB [4']

  • O Magnum Mysterium (2015)
    SATB+SATB [4']
    Commissioned by the Gloucester Choral Society, Premiered at Gloucester Cathedral

  • Lamentations (2014)
    SSAATTBB [5']
    Winner of NCEM young composers competition

Contact Me (please)

Or if you would prefer you can just email me, My email address is fraz [dot] ireland [at] gmail [dot] com