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4th ought sing raved ink loud

Commissioned as part of the Covid-19: Changing Culture conference hosted by the Centre for Cultural Value

4th ought sing raved ink loud is an experimental work by Fraz Ireland

The house lights come up. As you drift away from the auditorium and out of the doors you allow your ears to freely tune in and out of the conversations of the audience around you. You answer their questions and argue with their interpretations in your mind as you follow out through the foyer and onto the street outside. You’re still inside the art. Carrying the moment with you into your conversations and stretching the edges of the piece into the space and time surrounding it.

Throughout this project I will be inviting you to contribute short voice recordings which will be used to make the artwork. Come to the "Meet our Composer-in-residence" session at 14:55-15:25 to explore an interactive environment that will feature your recordings! There will also be an opportunity to find out more about the project as a whole and ask questions.

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The Final Piece

And if you have any questions by all means leave your name and email address so I can reply!


these videos will give you a little more information about this project and how to be a part of it!

Stage 4

Text Prompt

Record yourself speaking about something that you've learned or found interesting or found yourself thinking about during the conference.

This can be anything from a note that you jotted down whilst listening to a talk, something you've discussed at a table or in a branch out session, something that has come to mind when you've been having coffee between sessions, or even a response to engaging with this project!

Scroll down to see the earlier stages.

blue background image with white text that reads: record yourself talking about something the conference has made you think about

Stage 3

For stage three, participants were asked to watch the video, then record an opinion that you have about something that you've been to recently.
Scroll down to see the earlier stages.

Stage 2

For stage two, people were asked to record themselves describing something in their space that they don't usually pay attention to.

Come to the "Branch out" table session on Wednesday to explore an interactive environment that uses the results of this stage.

Scroll down to see stage 1...

Stage 1

For stage one, people were asked to record themselves reading the title "4th ought sing raved ink loud"
See the videos below for the result of that call out.