Fraz Ireland


Composer | Arranger | Editor | Performer


An overview of the things I do divided for the sake of this page only into composer, engraver, arranger, performer teacher
I also do other things but I think for the this context these are probably most useful.


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I'm currently working with Blackheath Choir on a large scale project as part of the Adopt a Music Creator Scheme. I'm also writing a piece for hereford Chamber Choir about the Dymock Poets.

Recent compositions have included: a piano solo for Ben Powell composed as part of Psappha's 'Composing for...' scheme, which was premiered in Manchester in January (2023)
an interactive soundscape as the composer-in-residence for a conference with the Centre for Cultural Value and Leeds University
A fanfare for the Help Musicians Festival of St Cecilia at St Paul's Cathedral
'Nine Hundred Years' for Gloucestershire Youth Orchestra and Choir celebrating the long history of Tewkesbury Abbey, including battles and floods!


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I’m fascinated by scores. Really, genuinely, excited about the different ways that different things (objects, paper, videos, verbal instruction...) can facilitate a performance. I'm always focusing on how we can be always writing for the mind of the performer, not just their instrument. The way that a part looks, whether it's a quick arrangement of a pop song for an orchestral musician to read through once and then play in a gig, or something more careful and intricate, the score can make or break the end result.
So whether you want someone to proofread something, reformat a score, make parts, transcribe something from a dodgy pdf, talk through solutions to unconventional notation, whatever I'd be good for the job. I currently work in both Sibelius and Dorico - I find that having two possibilities is a good way to stay sharp with both and keep a fresh approach to every score.


I love arranging, especially if I get a chance to throw together completely different pieces and find connections between them!

Recent arrangements include 'Gloucester Wassail', and I've also recently co-arranged Dirty Paws by Of Monsters and Men for performance by the Wilderness Orchestra at the Wilderness Festival.

I've also done several arrangements of music for variously very specific orchestrations, a favourite of these is a mash up of Plan B's Ill Manors with Peter Fox's Alles Neu and Shostakovich's Seventh Symphony. It was performed by my ensemble Discord/Datcord for whom I also arranged a bunch of other music including Mika's Grace Kelly, Vengaboys's Boom Boom Boom Boom, and Justin Hurwitz's Someone in the Crowd from the film La La Land.

Get in touch if you're interested in commissioning a new arrangement for yourself or your ensemble/choir!


I play percussion and drums, and I make weird things with my laptop and play them too, such as an experimental electronic set based on a powernap but extremely unrelaxing.

I also conduct and have worked with various instrumental and vocal ensembles in the past.


I teach composition, piano, clarinet, percussion, and theory and have had experience in various settings from large groups and classrooms to individual lessons and working with children from the age of about 6 all the way through to adult students. I think it's important that music lessons aren't just about one thing, and always aim to give a rounded and considered approach not just to playing that specific instrument but to music as a whole. I have spaces at the moment for both online and in-person lessons (Manchester based) Get in touch if you would like to arrange a trial lesson.