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Beyond just composing I have had various other things that I've worked on or been involved with that I think are best described as "projects". They are loosely collected here, often with links to find out more, and perhaps if I have more time soon I'll write a bit more information on this page, but you know how it is...

4th Ought Sing Raved Ink Loud (2021)

"4th Ought Sing Raved Ink Loud (for thoughts engraved in cloud)" was a project undertaken as composer-in-residence of the Centre for Cultural Value's conference on culture after Covid.
Go here to see the webpage as it was at the end of the project and to explore the soundscape.
You can read a blog post about the process here for more information on how I approached it.

Fraz Dot Com [dot] com (2021 and ongoing)

You will probably have seen reference to the forbidden website dotted around this site. In 2021 I created this website ( as a kind of performance art piece. It was a collection of little and big experiments collected under one domain. At the beginning of the process I knew nothing at all about coding let alone website building, so it was a steep learning curve. I find that I think of code as just another kind of music notation, so you can perhaps see how this aligns with my broader compositional and creative practice. It's just another way to explore audience/score/performer... That old website kind of still exists, though it perhaps feels a little desolate as gradually I've moved bits around and broken some of the links etc... But you can still go and have a look - there are definitely some fun things there, including a survey, a secret page for me only, a fictional interview and more...
Visit my old website here

Broadcasts in the changing hour (2020 and ongoing)

Twice a year I broadcast an hour long sonic perambulation through time and imaginry soundscapes to mark the hour change. Featuring the work of so far over 20 collaborators and now approaching it's 4th year, Broadcasts in the changing hour provides a strange hour to relax, listen to strange music, and enjoy the weirdness of an extra hour at 2am in October and a night with an hour missing in March.
You can listen to past broadcasts here